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Today was a good day, part 2

It’s finally spring! Biking without a jacket. Wearing shorts and sunglasses.

I woke up and made some nice coffee with my AeroPress. Still my favorite coffee maker. While drinking my coffee, I sat down at the computer and browsed some of my favorite personal websites.

Took my bike and biked to the city. People were walking their dog. Or just sitting on a bench in the sun. Watching the baby ducks.

I visited Kuub coffee and had a very nice “long black”, which is somehow a new name for a coffee.

After the coffee I went to Yendor, and bought the graphic novel of The Handmaid’s Tale. Amazing illustrations.

Lastly, I went to Donner, a bookstore, and looked at all the books I don’t need but want.

Today was a good day, part 2.

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